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Chapter 1: Let Moonie Tell it.

Chapter 1: Let Moonie Tell it.

Chapter 1: Let Moonie Tell it. published on No Comments on Chapter 1: Let Moonie Tell it.

Moonie is the Grandmother of the Twins and sometimes narrator of our little comic here. She is the wisdom to the kids’ book smarts.

Moonie sacrificed a lot to have her children go on to be successful, including much of her own personal life. Their whole lives Moonie watched over the neighborhood children at her daycare, putting away enough money to get them off to colleges and acquire land for them when they were old enough to have families of their own. She always stressed a good education, even though she herself was never properly educated in the school system. Her life experience has been a boon to her family, and in her twilight years she still is able to take care of her grandchildren in the hours after school. Moonie’s backyard is where all the children in the Carver family grew up and had many adventures.

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