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#Resist published on No Comments on #Resist

Its been a rough couple weeks in America. But even before that, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out a way to add my voice, my resources, and/or my talents to the fight for justice. I’m still a novice in things of activism. But watching my amazing peers like Team Kamikaze & Not So Super Comics use their comics for good inspired me to do so as well.

With that in mind, 133art will be donating all sales from ALL our products for the next two weeks (until 02/13/17) to Support the #ACLU.

Click the link:

That means F-00 Fighters comics.
That means OneNation comics (and figures).
That especially means Kid Carvers comcis!

It’s just my way, I think, of showing solidarity with my folks in the struggle. Its just the first of what I hope will be more of 133art doing its part to make this world a better place.
Peace ya’ll.

p.s. new KC poster real soon!


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