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Kid Carvers by JeremytheArtist!

Kid Carvers by JeremytheArtist! published on No Comments on Kid Carvers by JeremytheArtist!

We got a new pin-up of the KC kids from one of our great artist friends Jeremy Martinez AKA JeremytheArtist!!!

You can find him and his crazy amazing art…

Here:JeremytheArtist on Facebook


Here:JeremytheArtist on Patreon

And if you’d like to get an 11×17 poster for your walls…

purchase them here: Kid Carvers by JeremytheArtist Poster

Study Group

Study Group published on No Comments on Study Group

‘Study Group’

In the near future we’ll be attending college, in shielded sections of asteroid belts. Our bodies in symbiosis with tech that enhances our resonance, as we pursue the knowledge of the multiverse…

This was a commission for the Black Speculative Arts Movement a.k.a. BSAM Oakland 2017

Pencils: Jason Reeves
Color: Luis Luis Guerrero Color

You can get the11x17in. Poster (of course) at

Shoutout to the Bosslady (Maia Crown Williams) for hooking a dude up with the job!

See you guys tomorrow for another KC page!!!

Podcasts & Interviews!

Podcasts & Interviews! published on No Comments on Podcasts & Interviews!

The 133art crew has been on the grind promoting ourselves! Recently we’ve been hanging out talking comics w/the Comicidal Terrahawks‏ podcast & the folks at Graphic Policy.
Check us out at the links below:

Comicidal Terrahawks Podcast

Graphic Policy Kid Carvers Interview

Black Comix Returns!!!

Black Comix Returns!!! published on No Comments on Black Comix Returns!!!

…like Batman, Black Comix is BACK!

Check out the amazing cover by Ashley A. Woods

So we at 133art have been sewing a few seeds. One of which is the book you’ll see in the link below.
BLACK COMIX RETURNS is described as a collection of art and essays showcasing the best African American artists in today’s vibrant comic book culture.

And believe me when I say it is, Black Comix vol.1 has a special place in our hearts, it was one of the beautiful learning tools we used to familiarize
ourselves about the Black indie comics community and the first step for us becoming part of it. Its a who’s who, a road map, & a bible of our corner of
the industry, a huge wealth of info for any aspiring comic mogul lol.

We’re proud to have had the chance to get one of the limited copies of vol.1, but
we’re even more proud to be included in vol.2!

That’s right 133art is featured in Black Comix Returns!!!

Check out the Kickstarter to see just how dope this new vol. is gonna be: BLACK COMIX RETURNS

See ya’ll next Wednesday!

Kid Carvers ABC flip-thru…

Kid Carvers ABC flip-thru… published on No Comments on Kid Carvers ABC flip-thru…

Our dude and illustrator on 133art’s early reader book Kid Carvers ABC, did a little flip-thu of it.
Check it out here: Kid Carvers ABC flip thru

If you have little readers be sure to check Kid Carvers ABC out here: Kid Carvers ABC Book!

See you guys tomorrow!


#Resist published on No Comments on #Resist

Its been a rough couple weeks in America. But even before that, I’ve been racking my brain trying to figure out a way to add my voice, my resources, and/or my talents to the fight for justice. I’m still a novice in things of activism. But watching my amazing peers like Team Kamikaze & Not So Super Comics use their comics for good inspired me to do so as well.

With that in mind, 133art will be donating all sales from ALL our products for the next two weeks (until 02/13/17) to Support the #ACLU.

Click the link:

That means F-00 Fighters comics.
That means OneNation comics (and figures).
That especially means Kid Carvers comcis!

It’s just my way, I think, of showing solidarity with my folks in the struggle. Its just the first of what I hope will be more of 133art doing its part to make this world a better place.
Peace ya’ll.

p.s. new KC poster real soon!


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